5 Common Foods That Can Cause “Headaches or Migraine”

If you are experiencing from migraines, you have a recommendation from your doctor on what causes your migraine. The way of life you have can be on of the substantial factors. It might sound incredible but food can also cause your migraine. The doctor might already offer a list of food you’re not allowed to consume or to avoid as much as possible due to it can cause the pain. In this article, you will assimilate the best 5 food that can trigger your migraine.


This one is factual and you can’t question it, after all, alcohol provides a serious headache to those who are not experiencing from a migraine. Liquor is inadequate for your wellbeing; it has a high quantity of amino acid tyramine which can provide you a headache. Do you notice how much water you like to consume when you have a hangover? It’s because alcohol triggers dehydration to your body. It can cause a migraine. And even though they utter that red wine is helpful to your wellbeing a glass of wine can trigger you a headache.


No matter how much you desire chocolates, you have to avoid it out of your diet because it has tyramine which can trigger migraines. Many girls desire for it during hormonal changes which can increase the pain during their period.


Aside from not being fit to your wellbeing, artificial sweeteners have aspartame which can trigger a migraine. You have to avoid food and beverages such as soda, donuts, and low-calorie desserts to lessen the chances of an arising migraine.


This is a fast fix to those who are eager, burger and fries can cause a migraine because of the MSG mixed to the food. Fast food maybe your contentment food but you have to stop buying food from this type of establishment. Choose for a nutritious meal.


Salty food such as tortillas, chips, pretzels, instant noodles and mixed nuts has dangerous preservatives that can cause a migraine. Eating food with high level of sodium can raise blood pressure causing headaches or a migraine.

Source: The Healthy Hack