7 Diseases You Can Catch Up If You Sleep With A Wet Hair – Stop Doing It Now!

Our mothers have always reminded us that it’s not good to sleep with wet or moist hair, due to we could grasp a cold or pneumonia.

At first, we must think the moisture retained prolonged in the hair can attain painful the scalp, causing an irritating itchy feeling. This also causes destruction to your mane, as the porosity of the hair exterior is also increased.

That’s why it is not preferable to remain prolonged with a towel throughout the head or caps that keep the moisture.
Here is the downside of going to bed with a wet hair:

Going to bed with a wet hair can always provide you a serious headache. This occurs because during sleep, the body temperature increases. As the body heats up, the dampness which has gathered from the towel that you might have covered throughout your head can provide you headaches as there would much temperature dissimilarity.

Wet hair prefers to break much frequently. If you chose to sleep with a wet hair, risk is bright that many hair breakages are probable to take place. Hence, it would never be a better thought to sleep with a wet or damp hair.

If you chose to sleep with a wet hair, you could end up many of sticky hair, the next morning as the same will incline to entangle and connect with themselves. Those who have a long hair should always stops sleeping with wet hair or else many of hair breakage along with a span of other issues will next.

Pillows are a perfect area for bacteria as they assimilate sweat, dead skin cells and body oils. Wet hair gets the towels wet and it brings dampness to the pillow which then becomes the hide out for the growth of bacteria.

Sleeping with a wet hair can lead to various kinds of itching; this is because to the dampness that is formed in the skin of the head.


Immediate temperature changes cannot only due to muscle discomfort, but it can also cause to serious cramps and also facial paralysis. This can sometimes cause to paralysis of the entire body and lead to death.


The damp scalp can obstruct with the use of sebaceous glands show on the scalp. They can either begin to create more oil or lessen the oil production. It can damage the natural pH level of the scalp. As an outcome, you either have to experience from dandruff or too much oily scalp.

So if you like to stops all these kinds of problems and setbacks, you have to stop your habits of sleeping with a wet hair. That’s why it is suggested to use a towel after taking a shower, and also to stay your pillow and your sleeping area always dry. So, whenever you require rinsing your hair, always do so throughout the day time. This would be always better for your entire health.

Source: Home Healthy Recipes