8 Reasons Why Your Body Is Not Losing Your Burden Weight!

You Are Wondering Why You Are Not Losing Weight Despite Of Working Hard To Do So?

Exercise and healthy diet, works to some people but not to some people who works out double and only eat bread and apple all day and still, haven’t seen the effect they wanted. When you are trying to lose weight, your body may fight back of the sudden change you take on your routine.

It is extremely frustrating on some point that you really wanted to give up already. Maybe, you’re the one who keep sabotaging your goal.

Despite of the efforts you make but still no progress, then you should recall the scenarios where you did wrong while trying to attain a fitness life.

There are several contributing factors and reasons behind this. Here are the 8 reason that might give you an explanation on why you are not losing weight.

1. You are not eating enough

This might sound weird but this is true. Not eating enough food may trigger your body into negative ways to fill your stomach such as over eating inappropriate food. Because you are denying the normal amount of nutrients that your body needs, your body is trying to preserve itself by slowing your metabolism.

2. You dont move enough

If you spend most of your time sitting then this will not likely help you.

3. Too many work out

How much time do you really need in working out to shed some weight. You might overwork your goal. Hen you work out to often ,this will drain your energy and controlling your appetite might be harder to do.

4. Lack of sleep

Sleep is important in our daily life. If you are not getting enough sleep then your body will cling with that extra weight. Lack of sleep can result in overeating, sluggishness and weight gain.

5. Excessive Food Diet

Your body will crave with food as you continue working out. However, you need to be careful and choose the right amount of food that you will eat. No skipping meals and no measuring calories of your food.

6. You are eating the same food all the time

Strict diet routine can be a factor that you are not losing weight. It is important that you monitor your food intake, however, your body will start to crave the food that you are eating before you started your routine. So, adding new things will satisfy some of those cravings in a positive and helpful way.

7. Stressed Out

It is very hard to lose some weight, but add the stressor factor from work and life will keep you gaining weight. When your body is stressed out, your body i=releases a hormone called cortisol- this is an appetite stimulant. This means, when you are stress about something, your body will tell you that you need to eat.

8. You’ve hit the dreaded plateu

No matter how much effort that you do during work out sometimes your body simply stops losing weight. This is known as plateau. The cause of this is when your body had already adjusted, lower calorie count the standard of how you live.

Source: Positive Med