A 22-Year Old Woman Gets HIV Virus after Her Nails Done Using Shared Infected Manicure Utensils

For many girls, the worst thing that’s come about at a nail salon is that they’ve chosen a nail polish color they end up feel sad – or maybe they’ve had their nails cutted a little too close.

But for one women in Brazil who’s aged 22 years of old, a manicure turned probably deadly: getting her nails finished may have given her HIV.

She’s the first person in the whole world to covenant the condition from manicure utensils.

Specialists say the case, explained in a medical journal, has disclosed a new form of spreading for the virus.

Nevertheless, the researchers advised that spreading by shared manicure tools is a very uncommon event and the chances of infection from new origin are still very low.

When determined, the girl was found to have further HIV, based to the report in the journal AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses.

Blood analysis recommended that she diminished the virus about 10 years ago.

Los Alamos National Laboratory Dr. Brian Foley, of the HIV Sequence Database, says the case should not make people afraid of touching with people with the virus, as the chances of infection is extremely low.

The common risk factors for getting this virus are having sex without using a condom or being hit on by sharing the contaminated needles and other injecting tools.

It can also be and from an HIV- positive mother to her baby during pregnancy, birth and also breastfeeding.

This is very strange case. It is frequently very hard to be specific as to the origin of an HIV infection – mostly one that happened more than a decade years ago – and it is difficult to believe how HIV could be obtain from manicure tools.

Moreover, HIV or Human Immunodeficiency Virus – it is the virus that can cause to Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome or AIDS, if not cured. Unlike several other viruses, the human body cannot get rid of HIV totally, even with remedy. So once you obtain the virus, you’ll have it for life.

Source: Healthy Journal