A Chinese Man Was Infected With a Millions of Tapeworms in His Body after Eating Sushi

Sushi, Sashimi, Nigiri, Temaki Maki, and Uramaki – they’re sounds delicious to you? If you belong to those millions of sushi lover out there who guarantee that they are absolutely cool if sushi would be the only food in the world, well this caution is for you.

Numerous people would concur that sashimi is the most costly and most yummy part of a sushi menu, but be cautious satisfying yourself with too much sashimi as one man from China almost suffer death due to his love for sashimi.

The Chinese men seek a doctor complaining severe stomach pain and itchy skin. He underwent set of tests and one scan shows that his whole body was contaminated with tapeworm which he get after consuming too much of sashimi or fresh slice of fish.

Based to the specialists, the man may have eaten an infectious marketable Japanese uncooked specialty of fresh fish or meat. Experiments proven that eating too much of fresh or uncooked fish may cause to various parasitic contaminants.

Tapeworm grows after consuming the larvae of Diphyllobothrium. This is usually seen in the freshwater fish like salmon, but at intervals it also marinated and smoked fish can also transfer the worm.

Dr. Yin of Guangzhou number 8 People’s Hospital (the hospital where the Chinese man patient goy admitted) says that consuming fresh food infectious with tapeworm may cause to a contaminants that is called cysticercosis. Such contaminants are a life-threatening mostly when it goes in the brain.


Simultaneously, specialists writing for Canadian Family Physician say that, “the spreading of in-demand Japanese sushi and Sashimi (a slice of uncooked fish) is a benefactor. But other in-demand dishes might also be involved, like fresh salted or marinated fillets – which originate from the country of Scandinavian and Baltic – Carpaccio – extremely thin piece of fresh fish usual in Italy, fresh salmon and ceviche – softly marinated fish”.

While fresh food infected with tapeworm has adding the cases in poorer area because of improper sanitation, cases from much spread countries have also expand.

Source: The News Journal