Avoid Washing This 3 Foods before Cooking And The 3 Have To Wash Always

Most of us grow up in the teaching that we have to wash our food first before we eat it, we grew up thinking that it’s the correct thing to follow in order for us to be healthy.

But did you know that there are several foods we usually wash that should never be rinsed before consume or cook them?

Instead of removing the bacteria from it, this may really cause to food contamination.

The school of Nutrition and Diabetes says that the common rule is to get rid of unpleasant bacteria, but here is the list of food that you have to avoid from the faucet:

  • Chicken

The common implementation of washing the chicken to eliminate the bacteria before cooking is absolutely incorrect. Rather than making the chicken clean, rinsing git with tap water really contaminate the water with the bacteria that exist in the fresh meat. This cause for the bacteria to be unseen to the human eye as it scatters wherever the water got drop.

One of the bacteria that can be seen in chicken is salmonella which is making a chicken truly ill. Studies proven that 47% of people who rinse chicken are simulated with salmonella which may cause to diarrhea, fever, and stomach cramps. When a person got vulnerable with salmonella, the sickness could end between 4-7 days.

  • Eggs

Washing eggs after you take them at the store or groceries and before cooking will take off its protective layer. The protective layer is put upon the procedure of the eggs; it’s not harmful to one’s health as it separated the bacteria to stops them from poisoning other food.

  • Fish

As ridiculous as it may sound; you have to never wash the fish before cooking. Just similar to chicken, washing the fresh fish will not remove the bacteria; instead it will spread the bacteria by the polluted water.

Concurrently, here are some of the foods that you have to wash before cooking or consuming them:

  • Rinse the cans first before opening it

Do not open the can foods without rinsing its lid. The lid is created to prevent the bacteria from entering into the food inside the can. It is also vital to wash what is inside the can to get rid of the preservatives that were exerting in the procedure.

  • Fruits and veggies with digestible peels

Fruits and veggies with digestible peels like apples, grapes, eggplants, potatoes, and the likes have to be rinsed with cold water before consuming or cooking them.

Nevertheless, you should not rinse it using soap as the penetrable surface of the fruit or veggie will take in the soap which is not healthy to eat.

To eliminate of more bacteria, use a paper towel for making it dry. The water spray done in grocery stores to stay them raw that doesn’t include as rinsing.

  • Fruits and veggies with non-digestible peels

Yes, even those non-digestible peels like bananas, lemons, watermelons, oranges, and the likes has bacteria that could be move inside the fruit or vegetable when you cut it without rinsing.

So there you have it, make sure to remember those foods that should and should not be rinsed to stay you away from any health risk.

Source: The News Journal