Cure Diabetes by the Help of Lemon and Celery

Diabetes is one of the most usual health problems now. It occurs when our body cannot form the required amount of insulin anymore or cannot even use it effectively.

The hormone called insulin is supplied by the pancreas. It makes sure that the glucose from the food proceeds into all the cells in the body. In the cells, it becomes converted into energy and is used by different tissues and organs so that they can all do their work.

Diabetes can be very harmful. It can cause to some very serious health problems and damage your health.

Still we all know that people who have diabetes can exist a long life without any health problem. They commonly take insulin and some other treatments so that they can enhance their life. Some people even find it sore and irritating that they have to use insulin injection daily.

Fortunately for you, here, we are going to show you an organic way to support you against diabetes! This remedy is very safe as it is 100% natural and inexpensive! You only require two ingredients that are accessible at home. Here’s the formula for this amazing syrup!


  • 300 grams of celery
  • 6 fresh lemons


  • First, you need to rinse the celery. Then, shred it and move it into a pot.
  • Extract the lemons into the pot with the celery. Cover it and placed it in a greater pot that will be occupied with water. Placed the pot on heat.
  • The water in the large pot should begin simmering. Then, lower the heat.
  • Let the mixture to boil for 2 hours. After the time goes, you should put away the pot from the heat and let it entirely chill.
  • You must not open the pot until it is entirely chilled! Retain the mixture in a glass bottle jar and keep it in the refrigerator.


  • Take a 1 tbsp. of this mixture on your daily basis at least 30 minutes with an empty stomach.

This mixture should last for 2 months and during that time, you will see that the levels of your blood sugar have begun to normalize! You will feel much well and healthier!

Source: The Healthy Hack