Cure Your Colitis and Gastritis Naturally with This 3 Simple Method

Gastritis is a swelling, irritation, or erosion in the lining of the abdomen. It can happen suddenly (severe) or slowly (chronic).

Some Symptoms of Gastritis:

  • Appetite Loss
  • Vomiting Blood
  • Hiccups
  • Indigestion
  • Vomiting
  • Stomach Pain
  • Stomach Bloating

In this article we will present to you the amazing home remedy for each person who suffer the disease effects of and Colitis and Gastritis.

Currently, it is a massive bother and torment is very for each person who cannot get rid of it, they have an idle entail that can make life less challenging. It has been proven that the remedy is effective if you follow it for at least 5 consecutive days.

Every period of time, we’re not going to consume nothing but what they will present on content.


• 2 big potatoes
• 6 raw carrots

– First, just simply mix all together the ingredients into a blender and consume this every morning with an empty stomach.
– It doesn’t help to ease the abdomen.

• 1 glass of clear water
• 3 pcs. Aloe Vera
• 1 cup of papaya/milk
– You have to peel the papaya first and remove its seeds, and also the aloe Vera without the shell, only the glass.
– Then mix the papaya, and a glass of water, no pressure.
– This mixture will take after the blending of potato and carrot juice, wait for an hour before you take the aloe Vera and papaya.
– This mixture will consume every day for 5 days, it can help you to cure the intestinal flora and cleanse the intestines.


• A handful amount of chamomile flower
• 1 liter water

– You have to simmer the 1 liter of water for at least 3 minutes, then afterwards turn off the heat and mix the chamomile flower and put a cover into it and leave it for 15 minutes.
– Then snuck this infusion, and take at that day for 5 consecutive days every morning after you wake up.

Source: Latest Health Spot