Cure Your Kidney Stones, Urine Infection And Fluid Retention By This Onion Soup!

Onion is one of the most foods that are used for organic medicines due to its significant properties; it’s diuretic, depurative and antiseptic. It is even extremely good for healing kidney problems, infection in urine, stones, liquid retention, and lot of more.

In this article, we will show you a next to diet based on an onion broth that you should do for 9 days in which you can cleanse your kidneys. You will see that the effect is wonderful.

There are numerous minerals available in the onion; jointly it has vitamins A, B, C and E.

The onion is diuretic perfect for people who experienced from liquid retention, inflammation of their eyelids (edema). It is very amazing to fight against swelling, and it is also antiseptic, antimicrobial and antimycotic. It even perform as an antioxidant, it helps stay the respiratory system healthy and shields the heart from illness.

To make an onion broth, you have to simmer one onion with a 1 liter of water. You can also mix a several amount of spring parsley in your broth to make it highly flavour and it help the kidneys clean more greatly.

This organic medicine to make effect you have to take about 2 liters of onion broth every day, that is to said that you will require 2 onions. If you like to make it in quantity you can put it in the fridge in 2-3 days.

You must proceed taking the onion broths in few sips through all the day as an addition to the meals. At the time of consuming it, you have to be chill it first; you can even mix some lemon juice.

At the start of your day, try to consume 2 glasses with an empty stomach and then stand by for about 30 minutes for your breakfast. And also avoid drinking more juice every night because or else you will feel like going to comfort rooms at your bed time.

The 9 day healing
In order for this organic procedure to function on your kidneys, you have to do it for 9 days, but you should also take into description some tricks:

-Try to remove or decrease the portion of salt in your everyday diet; you can change it with sea water.
– You have to take veggies-based diet, reducing as much as you can to animal protein like meats and dairy. With the legumes most suggested for kidneys is the Azuki, which are even extremely good nuts, egg, mushroom and fish.
– Alternative in sugar with honey/stevia.
– Consistently keep the center and lower back warm, in the colder seasons you can pour a hot water bottle every night. Because when people feel cold in this organ they get weaker to kidney problem.
– Working out is habitually better for the body when people train sweating, hence, it help the kidneys to excess and release, it is also a better way to remove fluids.

Example of an everyday healthy menu:
Morning – drink 2-3 glasses of onion broth with an empty stomach. After a half hour you can have some bread toast. As you resume the morning, continue consume the broth, a number of glasses you like and resume your morning by a handful of nuts.
Lunch – you can opt a brown rice simmer with lentils or a salad, as dessert is apple as a good option. You can have it with the blend of honey. After lunch consume more glasses of this broth.
Snack – milkshake is an amazing and tasty choice, you can try a cranberries or a banana.
Dinner – we suggest a fish fillet, or a cabbage with potato.

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Source: Health and Wellness