Dangerous Truths about Sanitary Napkin Every Woman should Know!

Monthly periods are really frustrating for women as they do things differently from what they used to be.

During this time of the month many women experiences cramps, cravings and also changing the sanitary napkin to keep their area clean and fresh.

But somehow women should know about what they are using during every month.

To be more specific here are facts you should not ignore about sanitary napkins.

Dangerous facts about sanitary pads:

  1. Chemicals – it doesn’t really matter what kind of sanitary pad you are using because they all contain many kinds of chemicals that can actually harm and may cause infections on women.
  2. Gel pads – cervical cancer is the most leading cause of death cancer among women. The one factor that can trigger cervical cancer is the exposure of cellulose which is perfectly present on sanitary pads.
  3. Deodorants – on the pads can enters a woman’s blood stream which can lead to infections and other complications like infertility and other birth complications for the baby.
  4. Tampon – the chemical used to create a tampon is known to cause organ damage ( phthalates).
  5. Impermeable layer – this layer on the pads is made of synthetic material for the containment of the wetness caused by blood that may cause air passage to be unstable. And when heat and moisture is trapped on women’s part this may lead to numerous kind of bacteria buildup.
  6. Lump – wearing pads for a long period of time can cause lump, which may lead to irritation and infection. That is why changing sanitary pad should be done every 4 hours. The irregular changing may cause Toxic shock syndrome.
  7. Environmental concerns – based on studies women uses 16,800 pads of here whole life, if the large amount is multiplied to women all over the globe then it will contribute to solid waste. Take care of mother nature.

Source: Healthy Journal