Do Not Allow Your Child to sit in the “W” Position, That Could Be a Sign of Problem to Their Health

Have you ever been notice your kids or even somebody else’s sitting on the ground with their legs out on same sides forming the W appearance? Usually known as W sitting, this posture may manifest to you just how supple a kid is.

While flexibility is better for muscles, this posture of sitting is specifically not.

The dangerous effect of sitting in this posture will not act right away, but easily sitting this way can provide long term problem and changes to your kids. It is time you to prevent your kids from sitting this way.

Here is the convincing reason why:


– Due to there’s too much stress on the knees and hips, the hips and knees sometimes modify to the abnormal force of this sitting posture. Over time, the external spinning of the hips will be cramped, making it hard for the kids to sit with his/her legs in front of the body.


– This narrowness is felt across the side of the hips and indicates that the kids see it hard to balance using one leg.


– W sitting also has an effect on the position of the thigh and below the leg. Unluckily, the kid’s lower leg will crumple outward and then getting rigid over time when this posture become a routine. The lower legs then get used to too much lateral spinning, frequently covered to as tibial torsion.

– Frequent times, kids who sit in this posture also have a trouble in walking and standing up, causing delays in spite of their age. W sitting can also prevent your kids from having a hand preference due to there’s no trunk spinning.


– This kind of sitting posture may predispose your kids to growing hip dislocation.

– It will particularly take many time and patience. Moreover, your kids will require your physical and verbal help, but all these efforts will be valued it in the last. Every time you notice your kids sitting in this posture, guide them out of it. Teach them the lotus posture or let them sit on a chair.
Keep in their mind to sit up straight every time they’re on a chair. It also supports of you allow your kids move throughout. Stay them active at all times through stretching, playing and running can prevent that W sitting routine.

Source: Fit and Healthy 24