Eating Pork can Create Worms Inside the Body and can Crawl up to the Brain

There is a saying that goes YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT. Eating unhealthy food everyday will make you eat less healthy. Commonly people eat meats like pork which some studies have shown that it is not good for the health.

Literally pigs are scavengers; they eat whatever you give them. From spoiled foods, urine to their own feces, the pig’s digestive system does not have the ability to eliminate great amount of toxins and bacteria.

Pigs only processed their food for 4 hours, and in return result to the amount of toxins and bacteria to later store in the organs and fats on the pigs.

In year 2016 study shows that 69% of raw pork tested positive of Yersinia enteroclitica a harmful microorganism that causes diarrhea, vomiting, fever and cramps.

Various parasites and infection grows in pigs, and these parasites can be transferred to human bodies. One of this is Taenia Solium, intestinal parasites that can cause contamination in tissue and appetite.

And also a parasitic worm can get inside the body through pork meat; this is a parasitic roundworm that triggers mygalia, fever, edema and hepatitis.

When these parasitic worms enters the body they can move in many places in the body including places like in the eyes, inside the tissues and can also go up to the brain.

Having these parasites in your stomach and in the intestines are very terrifying, what more if they are able to go more inside on many vital organs of the body.

In addition pigs are also positive on contaminants like ractopamine a medication banned in china and Europe. A person who is affected by these can get sick and can eventually cause death.

Experts have suggested that cooking pork properly can decrease the harmful properties of it, the proper cooking can kill the parasites and bacteria that are present in the meat.

Source: Healthy Journal