Freezing Lemon Can Save Your Life Now!

It no secret that lemon is one of the most healthiest fruit that God had made, it is actually known as the one of the best fruit to take.

Lemon can increase the iron absorption of the body, it also helps in maintaining the skins healthy complexion, prevents asthma, reduces the risk of stroke and strengthens the immune system. Lemons are also being used for weight loss remedy and many more due to its many benefits.

And now, new finding have found that lemons has natural compounds that can block the growth of breast cancer cells.

Cancer is now one of the most deadly diseases, that is why it is best to prevent it with natural remedies as it can help you battle it.

There are many types of cancer, however until this day there are no safe medicine that can actually save people from cancer.

Now as we tackle about cancer we are going to help you make a remedy to prevent cancer.

This natural remedy is lemon ice cube; to have all the benefits from lemon is to use the peel also. Use organic lemon only.

Lemon Ice Cube:


Cut the lemon in half then peel it, remove the seeds.

After that in a blender pour the lemon together with the lemon peel. Blend and add some water, blend the mixture well.

After being blend well get some ice cube tray, now pour the lemon on the tray and place it on the freezer to freeze.

After an hour or so and if the lemons are totally freeze you can now use it on wherever you like, for juices or anything you would prefer to have the taste of lemon.

Additional tips:

If lemons are not available you can also use some other citrus fruits, but make sure you will be using organic fruits.

Source: Healthy Journal