Health Benefits of Bignay Tree that we don’t Know

Bignay tree are mostly known to Asian countries like Malaysia and Singapore. It is known for the trees nutritional benefits of its leaves and fruits.

Bignay is popularly used as a tea in Asian countries; its fruits is gooseberry size and has a reddish color.

Bignay tea is made from its bark; this bignay tea is being used as a weight loss remedy for others and helps in lowering the cholesterol levels.

Health Benefits of Bignay Fruit:

Natural Source of anti-oxidants – the natural oxidative properties of this fruit has the ability to fight free radicals present in the human body.

The excessive amount of free radicals can result on premature onset of wrinkles, fine lines and cancer.

Used in the treatment of Syphilis – a sexually transmitted disease, studies have result in this plant leaves have a potential in treating Syphilis.

Cure for UTI – bignay is known to offer relief from infections that affect the urinary tract.

Controls Blood Pressure level – its fruits and leaves has the ability to keep the level of blood pressure under control. This can be consumed by person suffering from hypertension.

Snake bite Antidote – the leaves of bignay is being used as an alternative medicine by Asian physicians to cure snake bites.

Helps in Losing weight – bignay tea is known to suppress appetite, drinking a cup of this tea half an hour before each meal can effectively help you in losing extra pounds.

For constipation – when the fruit is being consumed in large quantity the effect can give a laxative effect.

Good for the liver and colon – it can help increase metabolism, lowers the level of SGOP and SGPT for keeping the liver healthy.


Fruits and leaves of this plant are edible but the roots are poisonous so keep away. Pregnant women should not consume as it can cause miscarriage.

Source: Healthy Journal