Here Are the Reason Why You Wake Up At the Same Time Every Night

Our body has its self-internal mechanism and clocks which manage the work and purpose of the organs in our body.

The Chinese medicine concludes that the human body give various energies to various organs within 24 hour rotation.

Hence, in instance you wake up at the similar time every night, it is a symptom that the vitality in the body is somehow stopped, spiritually or physically, and the natural level of the body is damaged.

The list below shows the wake-up times and their connection to the body organs, which will help you to learn the cause of your signs:

 9 PM – 11PM
It is the time when the endocrine structure keeps its balance and the enzymes are become full again. The use of the endocrine system is to manage the metabolism and the hormones, so if you wake up or have troubles to get your sleep at this time, it might be because too bad diet, a weighty meal late in the day, an because to events that occurred in the whole day or tret regards to the next day.

 11 PM – 1 AM
The yin energy turn into yang at this time, so the often waking up between 11 pm-1 am, might be because to some bitterness you are fixed with.

Yang spirit is extremely active, so you have to be relaxed, positive, full of love, and store energy for the other day to work out this trouble. Waking up at this time might also be due to impotence of the gallbladder to well break down the consumed nutritious fats.


 1 AM – 3 AM
It is the time for detoxification and resumption of the body, the liver unleashes the toxins and the blood is new and clean. Waking up between 1 am – 3 am might be an effect of negative emergence such as anger and irritation, or some troubles with the structure of the liver.



 3 AM – 5 AM
The lungs are experienced flood and mend the body with oxygen at this time and the body have to be sufficiently warm to boost the structure of the body.

From a spiritual side of visibility, this might be a signs of sorrow and sadness, so you might help from some breathing skills.



Also, this might be symptoms of ascension or a method of an enlarging of the vibrational balance, which might cause to sensitivity to uncommon sounds, changes in appetite, cold feeling or coherent dreaming.


 5 AM – 7 AM
The big intestine is very energetic at this time, and it burst down toxins and eliminates them form the body. The cause for waking up at this time concludes a bad nutrition or eating your meal very late.


Source: Home Healthy Recipes