Honey And 3 Other Organic Herbs Can Treat Lung Cancer – And A Guy Proven It!

The usual cancer treatments are made up of chemotherapy as an only solution to brawl this illnesses, but unluckily, it dangers our body even more than the cancer itself.

Ante Kresic was determined with lung cancer 15 years past. Croatian Doctors foretell that he would not make it.

Moreover, Ante had another idea. In fact, he controlled to cope with this harmful illness with the aid of homemade, natural treatment containing of medical herbs and honey. Ante was creating the honey by himself, as he is a bee caretaker. It declares that the entire method was registered and that there is sufficient proof to silence the skeptics, and to provide hope to patients and also to brawl and hit the illness by this holistic, cheap treatment that effective for him.

The physician was surprised by his development. Uncommonly, they were motivating he to resume what he did due to his situation was enhancing and they were awe by his affluence. When physicians finally made a whole studies, they couldn’t detect of cancer in his body, credits to the honey, which he create by himself and several herbs.

Kresic settled to spread his experiences in the whole world, concluding it was his work to do so.

Kresic isn’t the only one who confirmed that this golden thick fluid can entirely heal cancer if blended with spices, pine needles, ginger and few other herbs.

• 2 pcs. Of ginger root
• 2 to 3 pcs. Of dandelion root
• A handful amount of needles
• Wildflower honey
– Put all together the ginger root, dandelion root and pine needles into mixer, then blend it for a few minutes.
– Put the mixture in a container with wildflower honey.
– Make it sure you will use 100% of natural honey and do not purchase an artificial one from the market.
– You have to consume 1 Tbsp. of this treatment 3 to 4 times every day.

Remember that you have to use a wooden or a made of plastic spoon and do not use a metal one. You will notice the primary result after consuming it for only 4 days.

This natural treatment can help you brawl against cancer and it is most significant to keep positive and do not give up.

Source: Latest Health Spot