Know the 10 Signs of Vitamin C Deficiency and How to Cure it

Vitamin C is known to be one of the most important in our body, its abundant health benefits that protects the body from wrinkling and eye diseases. Vitamin C is also recommended to be taken in much more when having a flu or cold.
Having good amount of vitamin in the body is very beneficial while in the other hand if the vitamin C levels are low this can lead to serious health problems.

To know if your body lack vitamin C then take this 10 signs as a guide to defeat vitamin C deficiency.

10 signs of vitamin C deficiency:

Being easily bruised 

– This is one common sign that the body lack of sufficient vitamin C, treat this by eating red peppers, oranges or kale.


– Having lack of vitamin C can make the capillaries more sensitive and these are located in our nose, this will result in nose bleed.

Slow healing of wounds

– Vitamin C helps in the healing of the body, which is why if the healing is taking slow then this is an indication of vitamin C deficiency.

Fatigue and depression

– If you are feeling moody or very tired, treat this by increasing your intake of vitamin C, if the symptoms persist it is better to consult your doctor.

Irregular heartbeat

– Iron can be absorbed better in cooperation with vitamin C, these can lead to pregnancy complications, heart problems or anemia.

Swollen gums

– Having enough vitamin C can strengthen the lining of epithelium which is a blockage for bacteria to penetrate in the gum line.

Swollen joints

– The collagen is the connective tissue between the joints, this collagen can’t be formed if the body lack vitamin C. The result can lead to join problems.

Dry hair and nails and skin

– Collagen is also needed for the skin and other parts o the body, lack of vitamin C can lead to dryness.

Frequent illness

– Vitamin C is the best to strengthen immunity that is why lack of this can make the body prone to sickness and other diseases.

Weight gain

– Vitamin C affects how the body oxidizes the fat, if you notice that you are gaining fat then have a natural solution by taking more vitamin C and vitamin c supplement.

Source:The Magic Of Life