Know the 11 healing benefits from lemon, salt and pepper!

Are you looking for a natural, easy way to cure ordinary ailments from ingredients found right in your home? You’ll be shock how many natural remedies can cure the common issues we all face, without the dangerous side effects that prescription drugs can have.

Many classes of natural foods, herbs and plants have been in use for centuries because of their proven natural healing properties.

There are a number of common ailments and symptoms that can be alleviated by these 3 natural cooking ingredients: salt, pepper and lemon.

1. Nausea

Mix 1 tablespoon of lemon and 1 tsp. black pepper.

Mix both into a glass filled with warm water and slowly drink it.

2. Asthma

Boil a cup of water, put two clove buds, 10 grains of pepper and 15 basil leaves and simmer for about 15 minutes.

Strain and pour into a glass jar and add 2 tablespoons of natural honey.

It can last for two weeks if refrigerated.

3. Toothache

A mixture of  ½ teaspoon each of clove oil and ground pepper.

Apply the mixture to the sore tooth.

4. Nosebleed

Simply place the cotton ball with lemon juice in the affected nostril.

Tilt your head back and wait for the bleeding to stop.

5. Cold & Flu

Slice two lemons and one orange thinly.

Grate 2 inches ginger add 1 tbs. of Turmeric and 1 cup of honey.

Place and mix in a jar with cover.

Whenever you’re not feeling well, take a tablespoon of this home made tea mixture and add it into a cup of hot water.

6. Stuffy Nose

Mix equal parts of cinnamon, black pepper, cardamom seeds and cumin into a mortar and pestle.

Pound the mixture up and then smell it.

7. Sore Throat

Mix 3 fresh lemon juices with 1 tsp. pepper and 1 tsp. salt.

Add one tablespoon of honey and warm water.

Use this for gargling.

8. Weight Loss

Mix 2 tbs. lemon juice, ½ tsp. black pepper and 1 tbs. honey.

Drink this early morning with an empty stomach. Add a little water to warm.

9. Canker Sores

Himalayan salt is a natural remedy for canker sores, as it allows the mucous membranes in your mouth to eliminate bad bacteria.

Mix one tablespoon of the salt into one cup of warm water and gargle the mixture after eating.

10. Migraine Headaches

At the first sign of a headache, in a glass of water combine the juice and zest of one lemon and two teaspoons of Himalayan salt.

For best results, use fresh lemons and high-quality Himalayan crystal salt.

11. Remove gall stones

Blend 3 drops of olive oil with lemon and black pepper.

Then drink twice a day.

Source: The health vibes