Know the Symptoms of Polyps in the Colon and its Remedy

Polyps in the colon is common, it is defined as an abnormal growth inside the walls of the colon or large intestines. A polyp has a round figure or can be flat, colon is the organ responsible for the fecal system inside our body out in the rectum.

Polyps in the colon are mostly non-cancerous, but if overlooked in the long run they can be developed as a cancerous one. One method that can be done to confirm this is colonoscopy.

People who are over 50 years old are more prone to have polyps colon and also people who are overweight, smoker, history of colon cancer and those who drink alcohol.

Symptoms of polyps in the colon:

If the polyps is just starting there are no obvious symptoms, they don’t cause any disturbance in the large intestines functions. But as they are larger in size they may stumble with stool, they may brush into it and may cause bleeding. This is where the symptoms may start, these symptoms are;

– Dark colored stool
– A presence of blood in the rectum
– The stinging sensation and pain during evacuating
– A internal sting when consumed some spicy food

These symptoms do not indicate a full confirmation that is why having a test like colonoscopy is very helpful.

How to treat colon polyps and its prevention;


Colon polyps are not 100% preventable but with the right technique and supplements may help avoid this kind of problem.

– Maintain a healthy weight to prevent obesity
– Avoid smoking
– Consume an apple per day
– Eat oatmeal daily (for a healthy intestine)
– Take a glass of water lemon or 1 tablespoon of olive oil with lemon
– Consume vegetables like beet, broccoli and artichokes
– Consume probiotics
– Have a spoonful of mint oil; take it 3 times a week to maintain a health intestine.

Source:The Magic Of Life