Make your Belly Fat Shrink in just 6 Minutes for just Doing this Everyday

In this article that we are going to present you is a complete and interesting way that will definitely help you improve your overall body and health condition.

And this will also going to make your stubborn belly fat go.

Day One (for beginners)

These 3 exercises will be done in just 5 minutes for each one.

1. Skyscrapers – do 10 on each sides

Do this with your one hand on the floor and your two feet supporting your legs, and the other one is highly rise opposite to the other side.

2. Windshield wipers – do 10 on each side

Do this in a lay down position then with your two feet raised, then do your feet like a wind shield wipers.

3. Army crawls – do 36 steps

Do this in a push up position, but with your elbows on the floor for crawling, the feet should be used in this.

Day Two (advanced)
This day has 4 tense exercises; this can be done for 5 minutes each, repeat for two times

1. Breakdancer – do 15 of each side

In a push up position make 1 foot be bent by lifting it toward the body then forward to the side, just like what the break dancer do. Do on the other side.

2. Sky diver – stay in that position for 30 seconds

Simply do a skydiver position, where your hands and feet are bit lifted an your stomach lying flat on the floor, stay on this or 30 seconds

3. Dead bug – repeat 10 times

Lay your back on the floor then raise two feet with each apart, then bend levelling on your knee, after that raise the two hands straight on the ceiling. Then stretch first your feet and hand at the same time, do also in the other side.

4. Thread he needle – do 10 on each side

In a push up position bend body on the other side, taking your one hand staying on the floor and the other one raised high, after that make the raised hand go in between your body, do this on the other side.

Source:The Magic Of Life