Miraculous Garlic In Milk – A Health Bomb That Can Heal 11 Health Problems (asthma, pneumonia, arthritis and many more)

There’s a lot of fruits, veggies and other spices that can help heal illnesses, with no require for extra treatment, and one of them is the garlic milk mixture.

This is a formula for a beverage that does like an irresistable and that is perfect for overall health. Garlic milk is one of the delicious ways to consume the garlic.

Garlic milk gives a lot of health benefits and it helps us to fights against those illnesses such as:

1. Asthma

– Eating 3 cloves of garlic every night may help you soothe the signs of asthma.

2. Flu and colds

– If you are vulnerable in getting flu and colds, drink garlic milk it will extremely decrease it.

3. Acne or pimples

– Drinking garlic milk is as amazing as external use for curing acne. Consuming a garlic milk everyday might be an amazing solution to decrease extra acne flares on the skin.

4. Pneumonia

– Garlic milk is one of the perfect home treatments for pneumonia. We can simply offer it to little children without any trouble, though it is extremely delicious.

5. Digestive problem

– Garlic milk is extremely fine for curing digestive problems. It activates the digestive juices and it is extremely amazing in curing all the stomach problems.

6. Sciatica

– Due to it has a pain killer properties, garlic milk is suggested for those people who are experiencing from sciatica.

7. Heart problems

– This beverage is amazingly lessening the levels of bad cholesterol or also known as LDL, it stops the blood clots which boost the circulatory system. If garlic is construct with milk fat glided milk or low fat milk it will be also much effective in soothing heart issues.

8. Arthritis

– If you drink garlic milk everyday your signs of arthritis will decrease such as discomfort and inflammation.

9. Cholesterol

– If you consume garlic by a hot milk in a consecutive weeks, it will decrease the cholesterol levels of a low density of Lipoprotein (bad cholesterol), and increasing the level of a high substance of Lipoprotein (good cholesterol) into your body.

10. Weakness

– Garlic milk is a great treatment for weakness. Furthermore, consuming a pieces of a simmered garlic effectively strive of infertility of a men and women.

11. Intestinal worms

– Garlic milk is one of the perfect and natural ways to get away those intestinal worms. Remember to consume it first thing at the morning.

Other information:

– All the consistent kitchen mixture is used to create this milk. We all know that this milk is a whole food which gives proteins, sugars and vitamins in our body. Milk is endured by almost every people from all the set of age.

– Garlic is also used for medicinal treatment for the current centuries; it has strong anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties. It helps to shield and cure against infections.

Here’s how to prepare a Garlic Milk


• 500 mL of milk

• 10 cloves of sliced and peeled garlic

• 2-3 Tsp. of sugar

• 250 mL of water


Step 1: get a pot of water and put the milk into it, mix the garlic and set it on fire.

Step 2: remain until the mixture starts to simmer. Do not pause to stir the mixture until it get all dissolve in half of the quantity you resume with.

Step 3: strain and mix a sugar. This beverage is perfect to consume when it is hot.

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Source:  Artikulo Health News