Mix This 3 Ingredients to Your Coffee in Just Two Sips You Will Get More Health Benefits Naturally 

There is no hesitation coffee is the most loved morning beverage in the whole world.

For one thing, it immediately enhances your energy levels and constructs you for the whole day.

In addition, it has a full of other health benefits, like enhanced metabolism, and when you drink it in a medium amount, it saves your heart.

Rare people know that you can change your desired morning drink into an effective fat burner by just simply putting a few usual ingredients like the cinnamon, honey and coconut oil.

If you blend these ingredients into your drink, you will easily decrease a few excess pounds without having to create any dietary or changes in your life.

Attempt to mix cinnamon, coconut oil and honey. You can even mix several cocoa if you want. Here are the reasons why it functions:

A. Cinnamon

– It is used because of its effective medicinal compounds for so many years. It is high in anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds that can help fight against infections and other inflammation in the body.

B. Coconut oil

– It has a fat, but it is a healthy fats. Though most fats has a long-chain fatty acids, coconut oil has almost full of medium-chain fatty acids which metabolize in varied ways.

C. Honey

– It has sugars that really contain nutrients, like iron, sodium, phosphorus, potassium, calcium and zinc, so the digestion method is well balanced between the nutrients and the sugars.

Here is the amazing mixture and has several health benefits every morning in your coffee:


• Cocoa (1 teaspoon) optional

• Fresh honey (1/2 cup)

• Cinnamon (1 teaspoon)

• Coconut oil (3/4 cup)


– Simply blend all the ingredients together until you achieve the smooth mixture.

– Keep it in a cup then shield it.

Other information:

When you consume a fresh cup of coffee in the morning, mix 1 to 2 teaspoons of the ready mix into your coffee while it is yet hot. Then blend and drink!

We aim that this short article is informative to you, spread this post so that you can also enlighten others about this and might help them too.

Source: Artikulo Health News