Money Plant: These Plants Will Bring In A Lot Of Money

You are putting all your efforts towards works but it seems that wealth has been escaping you.

Despite all the hours of works you put in daily still you are not able to make more than a living.

All of those out of town plans are getting cancelled due to insufficient budget and you feel frustrated since there isn’t enough saving in your account and you feel disappointed in your ability. To save more so you could do all.

Don’t get upset by not making enough money to support all your necessities. I bet you never heard yet about the power of plants.Some plant are sometimes good in your home,because they invite good luck and good wealth.

One of the popular plants among rich people is the jade plant or the other so called “Money Tree” is said to be power one since it attracts good energy about money.

The jade plant symbolizes good luck for money.

Chinese restaurants and other business areas have jade plant close by thier doors. Since it attract good luck of money that increase the business.

This plant originated from a taiwanese legend that made the farmer rich. The farmer believed that that this plant is God’s answers to his prayers to help him be wealthy.

Feng Shui Tips on how to place the jade plant at home or in a business areas.

1. Jade plant attracts good luck of money so it must be place by the entrance to welcome the money.

2. Place it in the southeast corner at home that will help energize good luck.

3. For health benefits , better study and close family ties, place it on east.

4. For abundant money flow, place it southeast.

5. Jade plant must be place also in office, living room and dinning area.

6. Never put the plant in the bedroom and bathroom for it will reverses the energy and brings unfortunate luck.

Source: The Artikulo Uno News