OMEPRAZOL: A Gastric Acid Protector That Can Destroy Your Health

Omeprazol is extremely strong inhibitor of gastric acid, which is very required in our body when controlling digestion and removing microbes. It is a kind of gastric protector, but it only make one thing; ruin our health!

Omeprazol’s primary task is curing certain ailments or gastric pain. But, the factual truth is that this gastric protector can really make a lot of bad things in our health. Omeprazol is not absolutely the gastric protector we all thought it was.

Most of the risk lies in producing a dependency to the drug, mostly when it comes to curing gastritis. When this medication consumed daily for over one year, it specifically impacts the absorption our body has of vitamin B12, which can lead to severe health problems like anemia, depression, dementia and many of neurological damage.

The risk of Omeprazol for the health
Vitamin B12 is directly connected to the construction of the red blood cells from our structure. When our body begin having troubles during the absorption of this vitamin, we begin to experience from symptoms connected to fatigue and often tiredness.

Omeprazol that we know as a gastric protector can really danger our central nervous system, affecting our whole health.

Another of the most identified harms of omeprazole is that it can also lessen the calcium absorption by the body, causing to fractures, normal bone and muscle disorders.

This gastric protector ha been also related with some respiratory disorders, mostly those older age. A Ph.D. in pharmacy in the National Center for Drug Information or CIMED at the Cost Rica University, Monica Hidalgo says that we require gastric acid in order to shield our organism from a huge variety of bacteria and viruses, numerous of which are connected to respiratory conditions. When we are taking omeprazole as we commonly do, the gastric acid destroyed, giving place to the transition of all kind of agents toxic and dangerous for our organism.

Furthermore, a new research was handled on the Kaiser Permanente Institute in the country of U.S and it was based on the real harm of omeprazole health assess in 26,000 cases, of which omeprazole definite quantity consumed everyday more than 2 years. The outcome of the inspection was absolutely outstanding: the number of cases who consumed this gastric protector has a 65% chances of lack in vitamin B12 compared to the number of cases who had never been consumed the medicine.

Source: Healthy Journal