Remove Insomnia with Salt and Honey

There are many people who are suffering from insomnia, with the experts many research yet it needs a lot of test and consultation to figure out if an individual has insomnia.

That is why if you are having problem when sleeping at night this does not mean you are already having insomnia.

It is recommended to consult some experts for further tests.

However many people deal with the problem of having trouble when sleeping, it is really frustrating and tiring as it happens.

Because after an exhausting day of work and chores still you won’t be able to have the rest for your body it deserved.

Fortunately, there are some available natural home remedies that you can use to battle against these sleeping problems.

This is really good for the body and for those people who don’t want to take sleeping pills then this is the perfect remedy for you.

Salt – the Himalayan sea salt consist of over 80 minerals and elements of the body, that is why it is able to perform different processes and activities and that helps it recover from a long tiring day.

Honey – the glucose from honey is an excellent source of energy and naturally made to help the body.

These two combinations increase the level of serotonin in your body and help it naturally remove stress.

This is the key to have a peaceful night and goodnight sleep.

The solution is very effective and will totally energize you after you wake up, just rest and relax .


  • 5 teaspoon of organic honey
  • 1 teaspoon of pink Himalayan Salt


In a bowl mix the two ingredient, mix until well.

After that transfer it in a bottled jar, use this by placing a little amount of the mixture under your tongue.

Do this every night before bed and let it dissolve naturally under the tongue.

Source: Healthy Journal