Save Your Life : Awareness on the early signs of liver disease.

Being aware of the early symptoms of liver problem could save your life. The same as with the other diseases such as cancer, if the signs are detected in their early phase all can be absolutely treated.

With the case of bad liver detecting it in earlier stage could be treated.

Liver are replaceable; however if the disease develop and grow it will be hard to replace the damage tissue. This is the very reason knowing the early sign can really be a big help.

Liver is said to be the largest internal gland and internal organ. Approximately weigh 3 to 3.5 pound and its important for many body system functions like enhancing the digestive system by cleansing your blood.

Here are the functions of the liver:

– helps store iron and vitamins

– helps in eliminating old red blood cells

– helps detox the blood from harmful substances like drugs

– helps store glucose

– helps produce bile for digestion

– helps convert ammonia into urea for healthy metabolism

– helps process insulin, hemoglobin and other hormones

– helps convert glucose into sugar for the body’s sugar level.

Hepatic disease;

This disease is almost similar to liver disease. This happens when an important increase in liver function is detected, that is when you have hepatic disease it affects the tissues in the liver up to third quarters.

Causes of liver diseases;

– build up of cholesterol

– tissues may be inflame like with the hepatitis

– the bile passage may become clog like   

– the blood flow onto the liver can be damage

– the cells of the liver may be damage through the attract of the toxins.

Source: The Artikulo Uno News