Simmer Lemon and Drink It As Soon As You Get up From Bed in the Morning; You Will Be Amaze of The Effects of It.

For us to have an excellence life, we have to begin our day correctly.

Currently one of the most common things people do is they consume a warm lemon water.

Sadly, it does not use all the functions a lemon that contains.

Consuming a warm lemon doesn’t allow you to use all the excellent nutrients contain in its pulp and the peel and they can be seen there in plentiness.

Furthermore, a glass of lemon water prepared in this solution will give your body with a lot of health benefits.

Such as enhancing your energy and the immune system, hence protecting you against from flu and colds, freshen your breath, fasten your metabolism, boost your digestion, cleansing your skin, hydrating your lymph system, boost your mood and promote curing.

Simmered lemon without squeezing only the juice and it will help you get all the nutrients of a lemon has to give inside that warm liquid mixture.

In this article we will show to you a wonderful elixir that may add the amazing benefits of lemon water basically.

Do you know that lemon has polyphenolic flavonoids that assist to decrease the level of a bad cholesterol or LDL?

It also has vitamin C and B which disinfect the blood vessels, and as an outcome of that it shields of the problems and diseases that is related with high blood pressure like diabetic heart disease and a heart problem.

We listed below the recipe that you may prepare and attempt.


• 500 mL of water

• 6 fresh lemons

• Organic honey


Step 1: first cleanse the lemon then sliced it in ½ sizes.

Step 2: and then add the lemon in a pot that has water and let it simmer in 3 minutes.

Step 3: when it simmer, let it chill in 10-15 minutes.

Step 4: then trash the lemon. Occupy the cup by this water and keep the remaining amount for the next consuming.


– In case you desired to make it sweet, you have to use the honey to blend the taste in a nutritious way.

– You have to drink it in the morning with an empty stomach and see the benefits that it gives.

Begin practising yourself by this morning act and assume to feel much better of feeling in a rapid time.

We aim that this short article is informative to you, spread this post so that you can also enlighten others about this and might help them a lot.

Source: The Artikulo News