Sore Eyes Treatment: Proven Home Remedies

It is now summer and we know this type of eye condition or sore eyes is just common disease you can get during this cycle of season.

Sore eyes or also known as pink eyes is can easily get by over exposure in the sun, fatigue, contact lens and infections.

Naturally, we need our eyes to see and done our daily activities perfectly using our eyesight, but how you can do this if you have this such eye ailment.

Sore eyes causes your eyes to swell, itchy feeling and redness that causes pain feeling around your eyes. This causes mucus production that stick your eyelids together while your sleeping and this is extremely difficult for infants.

When pink eyes is not treated right away, it can immediately spread rapidly through the other eye or other people.

Here are alternative ways in treating pink or sore eyes by home remedies.

1. Breast Milk

It is believed that there is antibody called immoglobin A that is present in breast milks. This prevent the pink eye bacteria to spread and attached in the mucosal surface of the eye.

2. Honey

Honey has so many healthy and healing benefits and one of those is to treat sore eyes. Honey reduce the amount of bacteria and eliminate wound infection and do not shows any side effects.

All you need to do is to dissolve honey and salt in a lukewarm water and by using a clean dropper and place 1-2 drops in each eye every few hours.

3. Herbal teas

Black and green teas contains bio flanoids that fights again bacterial infections and reduce inflammation that causes eye irritation that may lead to a rapid production of bacteria of pink eye.

4. Salt Water Solution

Salt water eyedrops is excellent to treat pink eyes. Their are salt water solutions that are available in the market and these contains lubricants and other medications.

How to make salt water solution:

-boil a cup of water(distilled is recommended) and add half a teaspoon of salt

-remove from heat and let the solution cool first

-rinse sore eyes using this water solution use a cup or a dropper

5. Warm or cold compress

Reduce inflammation and pain in your eyes.

-Use cold or warm water for the compress method

-make sure to use different cloth for each eye

6. Probiotics

This fight and kill bad bacteria by using good bacteria. Milk and yogurt is loaded with probiotics.

-Soak a cotton ball and soak with milk or yogurt and carefully dab it on the effected areas

– Repeat for a few times until the infection and redness disappears

7. Potatoes

This contains astringent properties that reduce the swelling in your eyes.

-Use raw potato slices in your eyes

-Leave for 20 minutes and clean potato residue that may be left in your eyes

Source; The Artikulo Uno News