The Dangerous Facts about the Viral Infection JAPANESE ENCEPHALITIS and How to Prevent It

Japanese Encephalitis or JE is an acute mosquito-borne viral infection. It happens primarily in rural area of Asia. JE virus scatters by the bite of infected mosquitoes. It can’t spread instantly in person to person.

Encephalitis is a condition that results in swelling of the brain. The case’s central nervous system is affected. It can be caused because to bacterial or viral contaminants of the brain, injection of poisonous substances or increased difficulties of an infectious illness.

In the country of India, JE virus has declared many lives in states such as Bihar, West Bengal, Arunachal Pradesh and Assam.

Japanese Encephalitis has declared about 700 lives in the country of India.

The total number of death in West Bengal is 208, Assam-295, Pradesh-123, and in Bihar more than 200 kids are enduring this deadly virus.

A lot of safety measures are being taken in the affected areas. The government has also pleaded people to be cautious and take the contingency.

The endemic afflicts of eastern UP during monsoon yearly and persistent to take people under its jaws till the start of winters. The government manage huge vaccination drive against the disease yearly, hence, the effectiveness and penetration of the drive comes under obscure with the mounting toll.

On Monday, Dr. Harsh Vardhan of the Union Health Minister says his Ministry was nearly monitoring the problem in the affected area and he concluded that, “We’re accessible 24/7 for any help.”

Things you have to know regards to Japanese Encephalitis:

  • JE virus is a kind of brain fever which is caused because to viral infection.
  • The virus starts from mosquitoes and swine. It can also appear from dirt or waste.
  • Once it comes in the proximity of person’s body, then, it directly head to brain.
  • This JE virus does not scatter only by touch.
  • Usually, the kids that aged from 1-14 years old and old people aged over 65 years are the most victims of this virus.
  • Japanese Encephalitis is at optimum during the months of August, September and October.

Symptoms of JE virus:

  • Fever, headache, stiffness in the neck, weakness and vomiting are its early symptoms.
  • Acute headache as days passes, drowsiness, enlarged pupils and laziness.
  • Coma, stupor, disorientation, rare convulsions (mostly in infants) and spastic paralysis.
  • Nausea and mental retardation.
  • Start of mental problems such as seizures, disorientation, tremors, and hallucinations and muddled.
  • 50-60% people, who experienced from this virus can’t endure it.

How to impede yourself from JE virus?

Though there’s no certain treatment and strong anti-viral medicines that have not been invented yet to heal this virus, but several preventive measures can save lives. The following are some precautions:

  • Well timed vaccination
  • Keep cleanliness and right sanitation.
  • Do not go to dirty water area.
  • Wear entirely covered clothes and apply or use mosquito repellents.
  • No water stock close to houses, so that mosquitoes can’t reproduce.
  • Distinctive care during the season of monsoon.
  • Germ-free food

Source: One in India