The Half-Moon Shape That You Notice On Nails Determine About Your Health  

The lunula, comes from the word Latin for “tiny moon”, is the white part throughout the nails.

This small area of the nail is very delicate and highly vulnerable to harm.

The white color of this construction is obvious as it is the 5th basal layer in the epidermis.

It really conceals the blood vessels located below and it is much obvious on the thumb.

Moreover, the “white moon” is not obvious in all.

Sometimes the thick layer in the skin which encloses the fingernails and even toenails might hide the lunula, making it low or almost not obvious at all.

In case the lunula becomes destroyed, it is extremely similar that the whole nail would be damaged.

The ancient Chinese has observed and proven that lunula is like a barometer of one’s health and the new medicine purpose with regards to particular situation.

When your health crashed, it is presented in changes of the lunula or the vanishing of it altogether.

And when your health is remained, your lunula goes back to its original situation.

Do you know that deficiency of lunula specifies malnutrition and anemia? While a light or a bluish lunula shows possibility of having diabetes. If person’s lunula has a reddish mark it means that he or she might be experiencing from a cardiovascular problem.

1. Quantity

– The existence of 8-10 milky white lunula shows a strong health and if the lunula border is clear and keen.

2. Shapes

– It will be good to take a part of one fifth of your finger nail.

3. Color

– It will be good by the color of ivory. Much better if it white in color because it shows the person is tough.

Moreover, the lower the lunula that you have, the lower energy and bad health and immunity he or she will have, yet it is more probable that he or she is tired.

And also if the lunula inly arise on your thumbs, it shows that your physical energy is not enough and the problem is about to go.

Other information:

– If the person recovers the health from its act, the tiny moon will slowly appear again.

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Source: Artikulo Health News