The Hidden Risk of Chemicals in Nail Polish That Could Be Harm Your Body

We can all concur that many girls captivated by coloring their nails. Nevertheless, many of them are not cautious that nail polish is harmful as it has specific chemical compounds that can do more of damage both on the inner and exterior of the body.

Based to new examination, trendy nail polish brands have many harmful chemicals and poisons which can lead to hormonal imbalance and other health issues. The examination focused on over 20 females who color their nails daily with several of the most trendy nail coloring brands. The outcome proven that all of the brands tried positive on triphenylphosphate even after 10 hours after used.

Another experiments that tried 10 trendy nail polish brands seem that 8 of them also has this compound, while 2 of these merchandise did not record the compound on their label. This is about as triphenylphosphate is extremely dangerous to the endocrine structure.


– It is a chemical compound that can damage your endocrine system and hormones and impact your metabolism and reproductive structure also. The compound is mostly dangerous for women who put nail polish on their nails daily – by doing this; they are letting build-up of triphenylphospate in their system, which will slowly kill their body from the inside.

– It is also considered a strong neurotoxin and allergen that can have severe effect on the health, but nail polishes has even more harmful compounds.

Here are several of them:

– It is a chemical that has been well studied to stops right child development and may lead skin irritation too.

– It is a well-studied carcinogen that can liquefy in air and water. Being vulnerable to it can lead symptoms like asthma, swelling and hard to breath, and mostly harmful to people experiencing from chronic disorders.

Here are several natural replacements to nail polish:

1. Acquarella
It is fully natural and gives more than 50 various nail colors. It is water based and has no formaldehyde, triphenylphosphate or toluene.

2. Honeybee gardens
This organic nail polish is also formed on water and does not have even the smallest outline of the aforementioned chemicals.

3. Peacekeeper house-metics
This polish brand has enamels based on argan oil and it is fully free of poisons. It’s also the perfect option if you like your nails to remain hydrated.

4. Sparitual
It is a vegan nail color brand that is free of any poisons.

Colored nails seem like very pleasant, but using advertised brands vulnerable you to chances that are not valued taking. If you must apply nail polish, consistently go for a natural nail polish brand that wills no danger your nails and health.

Source: Fit And Healthy 24