The Truth Behind Those Cheek Dimples And Why Is Everybody Wants To Have Them

Those small holes in your cheeks when you smile is so attractive and often draws attention.

Dimples make you cute and beautiful at the same time, but it doesn’t mean not having this will make you ugly. It just that, some people say that a person who have dimples has unique personal traits. But let’s find out the true meaning of those dimples on your cheeks.

Survey shows that 20% of the people around the world have dimple on their face. Several people want to have this and parent make dimple in their new born baby by using only fingers which is actually dangerous.

Dimples are really a sought after characteristics of your face that every one is digging to have. But then, do you really know what it means?

Dimples are a deformity of facial muscles

Although dimples are widely recognized as a sign of attractiveness and beauty, they are actually a result of a facial form of deformity in the face. Most people undergo surgery to create this beautiful disaster in their faces.

A dimple-making machine actually exists

As mentioned above, people try really hard to have dimple on their cheeks as it resembles beauty. This leas to some people who actually invented a dimple-making machine, and we bet that she was probably rich by now with those number people who wants to try her invented machine.

Issabela Gillbert’s obsession with dimples take her and motivated her to make this machine back in 1936. This machine uses a pair of knobs to apply pressure on the cheek are to attain the desired appearance.

Dimples are not the source of eternal youth

Dimples are always associated of being cute just like toddlers or babies. It almost feels that they never get old, as long as you have those holes on your cheeks.

Dimples are a source of luck

Their are beliefs that dimples are lucky charms according to some cultures. Before, people think that dimples signifies luck because of the things that’s going on when parents see their new born baby and you know how parents feel when they have new babies, they feel so much lucky having them.

The special dimple smile

You already noticed that a person who have dimples really makes a simple smile more beautiful.

Dimples are genetics

This is a special characteristics in your face that passed on to you by your parents or with your great ancestors. If in other case, that you have dimples, surely your children will inherit those cheek dimples.

Having or not having cheek dimples is not important. It is true that dimples makes everything more attractive, but regardless of what you have you should embrace it and be proud of what you got. Because you might don’t know that there are people who appreciate less and simple.