These Are the Reasons Why You Have to Habitually Put a coin On Your Fridge before Leaving the House

Having electricity is a perfect must in current’s day and age. Unluckily, power is one of the first things to go during a big hurricane. For numerous, this indicates leaving their home behind to find somewhere warm to keep until the electricity comes back. Commonly, this also indicates that you must unload your freezer when you come back home.

However, if you love to travel then you have to read this easy trick, in order to have an out of danger food inside your fridge.

Food poisoning is not a prank and many people are not cautious of how raw food in the refrigerator or freezer is once they get back from a long trip or vacation.

If the powers go down, meats and other foods can defrost and go unpleasant. If you don’t like to deal with the situations of eating spoiled food, then you should better attempt do this very easy trick.


Simply fill a cup with water and put it in the freezer.

Once the water get freeze put a coin over it and put it back in the freezer.

When you get back home and see the coin over the cup, then the power had went off long sufficient or the food to melt and re-freeze.

You should better throw away the sensitive food items. If the coin stayed on the top, then your food is harmless.

Food waste is a serious problem in America. 40% of it ends up in junks, thus you better be safe than sorry in the occurrence that the coin is at the base of the cup. Simply put on the trash the items you are dubious about.