These are the Things that you Should not do While having your Period

Period or menstrual cycle is a monthly happening to women, a lot of women consider period a hindrance because of the struggling situation when it comes.

Having this monthly is really a having a bad day.

Women gets a little bit crazy concerning this matter, as they will experience a great deal of discomfort with cramps and some hormonal problems.

While you are struggling to this there are also things you must avoid doing. 

In a recent study of a menstruating, a woman had revealed a number of interesting facts about menstruation.

First is quite normal for girls, as we are on the period we are not really on the mood to make love while bleeding.

This explains that the hormone that decreases the libido, progesterone is in its lowest level while you are bleeding.

This is also the moment where it is more difficult to concentrate, more likely when it comes to examinations and tests you are not its best.

Yes the menstruation period is the worst part of the month for women, as they become more emotional, tired and getting out of bed is the hardest.

Having the pain and the cramps that brings this monthly cycle here are the things you should avoid while on period.

Things to avoid while on period

– Watching depressing movies can make very emotional
– Getting wax can be more painful as your estrogen level is its low part
– Go to bed without a tampon or pad can be really messy so avoid that.
– Wear white pants is totally a big no, as your period can get a leak you know.
– Skipping the gym is not going to work out instead it is advisable to do exercise to relive cramping during those days.
– Eating too much snacks can make us bloated that will make our body more uncomfortable.

Source:The Magic Of Life