These Usual Face Map Tells What Area of Your Body Is Sick and How to Brawl It

Based to the Chinese healer, every part of our face is corresponding with definite organs of the organism.

Do you know that the healer in China controlled to discover the all kinds of diseases by just reading people’s face?

The reason beyond is that our facial skin is extremely sensitive and it can consider the internal changes quickly compared to another area of the body.

In case you encounter several issues in these organs, it is presented on our face.

Skin rashes, pimples/acne, skin color changes are with the most usual signs.

1. Area between  eyebrows (liver)

Source: Your stomach does not get the support it needs, which leads to a chronic fatigue. Too much intake of meats can make the stomach slog very much.

Treatment: consume healthy foods, and you can also attempt to do the yoga, meditation, and quick walking or any other work out.

2. Cheeks (lungs and kidneys)

Source: too much intake of sugars, harmful foods, stressed and consuming cigarettes.

Treatment: keep away the harmful foods from your diet and assure to have cosmetic products with a high standard.

3. Eyebrow arch (kidneys)

Source: bad circulation, alcoholic beverage, weakened heart, and cigarette smoking.

Treatment: avoid drinking alcoholic beverages and drinks that are sweetened, and assure to consume plenty of water.

4. Forehead (bladder and small intestine)

Source: consuming too much of canned foods and also fats that affect in slow digestion.

Treatment: attempt to keep away drinking of alcoholic beverages and try to boost your night sleep. Also, assure to consume a lot of water and eat fresh foods.

5. Jaw and neck (connected to hormones)

Source: dehydration, consuming plenty of salty foods, spices and excess caffeine.

Treatment: you have to drink plenty of water and avoid or lessen the consumption of caffeinated beverages, salty foods and other spices.

6. Chin and mouth (stomach)

Source: stimulants such as alcoholic drinks, caffeine, sugars and foods that is full of fats. When spiced food is being consume, this part has been the most affected.

Treatment: you have to eat plenty of fruits and foods that will level your organism.

7. Nose (heart)

Source: bad circulation, bloated stomach, closed space, gasses and contaminated air. Hypertension can even be the source.

Treatment: check your cholesterol level and control your blood pressure. You are required to drink natural green tea so you can decrease the toxins from your body.

8. Upper area of your cheeks (lungs)

Source: asthma, contaminated air, and cigarette smoking

Treatment: avoid cigarette smoking and the contaminated air, and begin to work out regularly.

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Source: Artikulo Health News