This Can Save Your Life: Your Blood May Lead You To Discover Certain Brain Disease

Blood occupies in any part of our body that result of influencing every reaction that our body does. Modern medicines use our blood in order to complete their diagnosis or further examine the patients condition.

There are four blood types, A,B,AB and O. All blood types have Rh (An antigen that can be found on red blood cells) which is plus and minus.

The average adult has an estimated 4-6 liters of blood circulating in the body.

Experts says that our blood plays a huge role in discovering important information about how quickly our brain develops a disease.

Each blood type holds a different kind of protein of a certain red blood cells of a person.

The differences about them is that they may seem small, but scientists are now able to find that each blood type may affect the risk of getting a certain diseases.

Two scientific studies was done a few year ago an dhave looked specifically at the connection between cognitive health and blood type.

First study, published in July 2015 by the Brain Research Bulletin. It found that people which has O blood type have lower risk of cognitive decline later in life than those with A, B, or AB blood types.

Blood type O is the common type that can be found in about 45% US population or almost half of it.

They researchers discovered after analyzing the MRI scan results of 189 healthy volunteers. They’ve seen that the volume of gray matter in type O volunteers is greater than those volunteers who has A, B or AB blood types, which they had smaller gray matter volumes that’s often exposed risk from Alzheimer’s disease.