This Has To Stop. These Can Be The Result Of You Sitting For Too Long And Spending Time In Front Of Your TV and Computer

In our generation, we tend to sit in front of our computers for like 5 hours or more, we even spend the rest time of our body from using the computer and sitting in our living room to watch t.v.

But did you know, there are bad effects of sitting for too long?

Prolonged sitting actually increases our health risk in getting ailments.

Study shows, that sitting for long hours can lead you for heart disease, cancer, diabetes and early death, and note that this warning are not only for those people who have lack of physical movement but this could also happen to people who get regular exercise.

People who exercise regularly just lower their risk in getting those said disease. prolonged sitting could actually let you experience organ damage, foggy brains, muscle degeneration and higher mortality rate.

Prolonged Sitting For Spinal Deformations, Scoliosis And Kyphosis

This kind of conditions affects starting in younger-age people from 18 years old and younger than that. 40% of patients actually experiences these problems in the back as a result of spending too much time in sitting.

Studies shows that 5 year old children who spend their time watching cartoons or playing games in their xbox or computer have a higher risk for  back conditions.

It affects their neck, spine and joints. Most people take medication for their whole life to reduce the pain in their back.

So we recommend that if you are not reducing your time in sitting then you could try these tips:

– Try sitting exercise

– Exercise in ball chairs if you are going in the gym

– Stretching is also the key, stretch your hips through your back for 3 minutes

– Switch from standing and sitting throughout the day


Source; The Artikulo Uno News