This Mother had been Diagnosed with Cancer after Eating this Food

The most important thing in this this word is not material things but our health, especially nowadays where many pollutants and bad habits and many artificial foods we can’t take away easily.

The air we breathe, the things we use and even the food we eat are loaded with chemicals and dangerous ingredients.

That is why for health purposes I will tell you about a mother who was diagnosed by a 4.66 x 4.5 tumor.

This tumor is Glioblastoma Multiforme, this story is shared by her sister on a social media site, FACEBOOK.

The said story is being told to raise fund for her sister to support the medication which this mother is also a mother of twins.

In order to help her support the kids the sister m posted this information to also educate people to be conscious about what they ingest.

In a statement her sister said on facebook mentioned that they don’t know how her sister acquired this disease because this is not on our genes the sister said.

The family is puzzled as to where her sister had acquired this deadly disease and even the doctors have concluded that it is already on its late cancer stage, it leads to Brain Cancer Stage 4.

She also mention some disturbing factors that may had lead her sister to this terrible condition, that will also affect the normal living of many.

She said that her sister had been fond on eating foods like tocino, longanisa, hotdog, pancit canton or instant noodles and sugary foods. Sweet beverages like softdrinks and snacks, candies, chocolates.

The first symptoms she had encountered was a simple headache and blurry vision and eventually lead to memory gap.

Just remember that our health is the most important that is why eating nutritious food is very essential to the body.

That is why it is good to avoid foods with preservatives and chemical, it is always better to switch into good foods like fruits and vegetables.

Source: Healthy Journal