Trash Your Dangerous Hair Dyes Now! Try This One Organic Ingredient That Can Easily Cover Your Gray Hair Forever

Usually gray hair will be symptoms of a natural aging but it is certainly not always pleasant. But the identical is the gray hair is not only a symptom of getting old, it currently usual to see also for those young healthy people with a gray hair.

There are many hair dyes that can be buy in the market which hides gray hairs, but all of them are high in chemicals and they are dangerous for our skin and hairs. Gray hair is not really white or a gray in color but it is because of deficiency in pigmentation and the melanin.

Cells that are place in the bottom of the hair follicles are slow and sometimes it prevents creating a pigment. This causes the hair to pigmentation and appears it gray or white due to the way of light is reflecting. The color of hair does not continually require using hard chemicals.

Graying of hair or rash hair graying is an extremely usual health issue among all the set of ages. For this, we take some treatments but all of the effects are disappointing. Now we will show you an easy home treatment to hide your gray hairs naturally by the help of potato peels.

The starch in a potato peels do as an organic colorant that can help slowly hide your gray hairs in just a week or months.

For this home treatment there is only 1 ingredient and that is potato, so here’s how to use it:

Step 1:

Peel 5-6 medium-sized of big potatoes then put the peels of it inside a huge cooking pot. Occupy the pot with a half of gallon that has water. Simmer the water. Set the heat to a lower level and boil it for 5 minutes.

Step 2:

Strain and put the potato peels in a huge bowl. Remain the water and get away the potato peels. Let the potato peel to soak in water and let it chill before move it into an unoccupied bottle.

Step 3:

Cleanse and condition your hair by using moisturizing products. Because gray hair is brittle and much dried, it is significant to maintain your hair with additional moisture. Let the conditioner to remain for 1-2 minutes before rinsing it.

Step 4:

Put the potato peel water into your hair while showering, and do not wash it out. Get out from the bath and pat dry a towel into your hair as your usual habits.

Step 5:

Repeat putting the potato-peel water into your rinsed and conditioned hair every day, either twice or thrice a week if it is much suitable for some weeks/months until you are satisfied in the results.


– It is not extremely easy and you do not need to spend costly to those dangerous products just to dye your gray hair. It cures your hair extremely amazing without interrupting your pocket. Try this home remedy and goodbye to your gray hair forever.

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Source:  Artikulo Health News