Using only these two ingredients your cyst and fibroids will disappear.

Cyst and fibroids are really not good indications to our health, these diseases can threatens and gives us goose bumps if acquires.

That is why in this article we are going educate you on how to make the most popular remedy, which will be very useful and effective against various health problems specifically against cysts, heart diseases and toxin build-up in our body.

Amazingly by the wonders of nature we now have this 2- powerful ingredient combo that is very effective and easy to make. You just need 2 commonly used ingredients are the houseleek and honey.

When you combine these two ingredient healing powers of honey and houseleeks, you will be able to create the most powerful ingredient, which can renew your whole body.

Houseleek – also known as sempervivum in Latin that means always alive. In history they said that the ancient Greeks and Romans always had Houseleek in their homes. They are using this herb as a home plant to keep bugs and insects away. A lot of people today have this plant in their homes for decoration and knows little about its true benefit.


• 300 grams Houseleek leaves

• 300 grams of Honey


1. Slice and chop the houseleek leaves into small pieces and add them in the honey.

2. Mix it well then refrigerate for 7 days.

3. Stir this mixture occasionally within 7 days.

4. This mixture is ready for use after 7 days.


Take 1 tbs. a day of this amazing homemade remedy, on empty stomach in the morning, right after you woke up.

After having the mixture, wait for 2 hours before taking a meal or drinks.

This 2 ingredient remedy is really useful and effective in activating the metabolism that cleanses the body from all harmful toxins. A lot of experts are using this remedy as a preventive medicine for heart diseases.

Source: The Artikulo Uno News