Whiten Your Skin in Just 7 Days with this Treatment

Skin complexion is one thing that can make a person look good, that is why a lot of people are trying to find the best remedy for skin whitening.

Yes, everyone must be very tired of looking for the best and perfect skin whitening remedy.

Because as we all known there are a lot of available products that starts to the cheapest up to the highest price you could ever imagine, yet some are not really effective as they all promise.

Some sort things out through derma that most of the celebrity is now using, but this available treatments are also expensive.

But no need to worry because in this article we going to give you the best skin whitening remedy that you can do even if you are broke.

As this treatment that we are going to share is not only cheap but the ingredients you will be using can easily be found in the kitchen.

This skin whitening remedy guarantee you to have a lighter skin in just 7 days.

All you need to do is to use this natural product as instructed. Use this natural remedy to clean your face and after cleaning apply your favorite moisturizer.

After a week of using this remedy the result will leave you being amazed.

Skin whitening remedy:


  • Fresh milk
  • Ripe tomato


  1. First grate the tomato and collect the tomato pulp
  2. Remove the tomato seed by filtering
  3. Combine an equal amount of raw milk to the tomato juice in a bowl
  4. In clean container store the mixture and it is ready to be skin cleanser


  1. Soak a cotton ball on the mixture and apply it all over your face
  2. Leave on face for 15 minutes
  3. After that apply a moisturizer on the face
  4. Do this regularly twice a day for best result

Source: Healthy Journal